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Z-Blink, as the name suggest, shines the fur, straightening the bulb of the furs, reducing fur lost and promote a shiny healthy furs naturally. Z-Blink, being the latest family member from our popular Teatree Mint and Oatmilk, we trust, this solution will bring you happiness in bathing your pets. Comes in 725ml, tested by professionals, it is now suitable for small breed to large breed of pets.

The extract: Calamus extract has a disinfecting effect. Lightly tones and tightens skin, clear the pores and eliminates acne. It is mainly used to increases shine and fluffiness and reduces hair loss by strengthening bulbs.

The distinguished characteristics of Z-Blink: 

  • Natural Deep Cleansing - removes all skin impurities
  • A natural antiseptic
  • Clear pores- stop itch
  • Naturally strengthening the bulbs - healthy shiny furs
  • Contain high quality conditioner that leave on furs
  • Long lasting effect - Fur stays SOFT and Fresh for days.
  • EZY foaming Formulation, easy to rinse!
  • Natural Volume up - suitable for all breeds with tropical weather.


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