The need for Zymotherapy Pet Supplement

Pancreas is a digestive organ that manufactures several enzymes which include the major three groups of enzymes, i.e. amylases, lipases and proteases. In a disease condition of pancreas undigested food will show in an undigested form in the stool. This way the undigested fats will show in stool, which technically is known as steathorrea. Another condition that can impair enzymes production is gastritis, or inflammation of the lining of stomach. Stomach mucosa is built of specialized cells that manufacture gastric acid, mucus and the protein digesting enzyme pepsin which helps in the breakdown of proteins. Deficiency of pepsin will eventually manifest by poor absorption of proteins.



Indication & Recommended Use

  • As a dietary supplement / Multiple Digestive Enzyme Complex.

Dosage & Ingredients

  • One sachet mix with food daily for pets below 20kg.
  • Two sachet mix with food daily for pets weighing 21-40kg.

Packaging & Where To Buy