The ERA of Shampoo Revolution

Zantree brings you the first in Malaysia, a pet shampoo with Calamus Extract
Introducing, Z-Blink calamus shine

The characteristic : refreshing, cleansing with a note of jungle fresh after wash.

Z-Blink, naturally antiseptic, soothing & clearing the pores from impurities and pollution. Blended with 100% pure natural Calamus extract, PETdiatric Laboratories successfully refine the definition of a BALANCE shampoo that clear pores from impurities while maintaining the skin moisture naturally, with SKIN TONING effect.



Indication & Recommended Use

  • As a physical care (shampoo) complete with safe amount of conditioner to prevent or adjunctive treatment on dog's skin & coat.

Ingredients & Dosage

  • Suitable for frequent usage as once in 3-4 days or once in week depending on conditions.

Packaging & Where To Buy