Maximus Musclex 60s


Perfect Solution to Muscle Health for Your Pet

Muscle loss is the primary cause of declines in strength and mobility. Furthermore, age related muscle loss is associated with increased morbidity and mortality in cats and dogs.

Maximus Musclex with myHMB® is a highly validated ingredients in clinical trial to retain lean muscle. Maximus Musclex® improves muscle recovery and maintain a healthy mass muscle for your pets.

Maximus Musclex with myHMB® enhances muscle protein synthesis and simultaneously decreases muscle protein breakdown, improving mobility and joint health for your pets. Maintaining muscle mass improves our pets’ quality of life by keeping them healthy and active in later years.

Maximus Musclex improves muscle recovery after exercise, injury or illness, improves mobility, improves strength and stability, retains lean muscle better than any other non-drug supplement.

Run. Play. Thrive
“quality of life with lifelong mobility”



Indication & Recommended Use

  • Post surgery - to promote muscle recovery
  • Joint OA - to build muscle to support joint movement
  • Weight growth in pups and kitten - building muscle and promoting growth
  • Aging - prevention of sarcopenia - quality of life for very senior companion animal

Dosage & Ingredients

Dosage: One tablet a day for animal up to 20kg.

Calcium HMB Monohydrate : 553.67mg
Cholecalciferol : 3.67mg
(Providing 367IU of Vitamin D3)
Micro crystalline cellulose : 432.66mg (excipient)
Magnesium Stearate : 10mg (Excipient)

Packaging & Where To Buy

  • Contains 60 tablets/box
  • Available at selected VETERINARY CLINICS throughout South East Asia.