oatmilk dogFresh Gets FRESHER - with Goat Milk and Oatmeal Extract.

We upgraded our popular Oatmeal Magical to OatMILK. A combination of two world’s most popular skin moisturizing ingredients in a bottle, oatmeal extract, and goat-milk, blended exclusively by the experts in PETdiatric Laboratories. Now it is presented to you in a 725ml bottle, with a new oatmilk fresh aroma, Oatmilk will shine the fur, soothe dried dermatitis, reduces itchiness due to damaged dried skin condition, reduces skin flakes due to aging dried skin, and promote safe and subtle skin, it's like bathing in a tub with the goodness of
oatmeal extract and goat-milk combined.

Designed for long-term use, leaving fresh breathable skin, a younger scalp, and moisturised skin. Stay fresh, stay moistened, stay younger with Zantree® Oatmilk.


 oatmilk cat全新的燕麦纯山羊奶宠物沐浴乳拥有着725ml大容量,并且有全新的纯燕麦香氛。

我们对广受欢迎的Oatmeal Magical燕麦宠物沐浴乳进行改良,打造成现今OatMILK纯燕麦羊奶宠物沐浴乳。产品使用了世界着名的皮肤保湿成分,结合了100%纯天然的燕麦和羊奶的成分,并且由PETdiatric实验室的专家改良。

使用OatMILK宠物沐浴泡乳,彷佛让你的宠物置身在香浓的燕麦萃取物及羊奶精华当中, 当中的成分不仅有护色效果,并且使毛发有自然光泽。蕴含了超强的保湿成分,不仅可以降低因老化的干燥皮肤所引起的皮肤不适,并且有效的止痒。


The Distinguish Characteristic Of Zantree Oatmilk Shampoo :

  1. Deep Moisturizing - restores skin subtleness
  2. Oatmeal extract is a natural antiseptic
  3. Anti itch properties - moisturizing dry skin
  4. Contain high quality conditioner that leave on furs
  5. Naturally lock the skin moisture and allows the pores to breath
  6. Long lasting effect - Fur stays SOFT and Fresh for days.
  7. EZY foaming Formulation, easy to rinse!
  8. Natural Volume up - suitable for all breeds, for tropical weather.


Zantree Oatmilk的特色:

  1. 燕麦精华是天然防腐剂
  2. 适合热带国家所有宠物的品种
  3. 深层保湿-改善受损肌肤,有效止痒,锁住水分。
  4. 拥有超强的护发素
  5. 有效的保持毛发柔顺和清新的香味
  6. EZY发泡配方,使泡沫容易清洗。