white cat dogThe distinguish characteristic of Squalene Foamy White

  1. Smells naturally great
  2. Shines naturally great
  3. Whitening the white
  4. Vitamined the skin
  5. Affordability
  6. Reduces Fur Shedding
  7. Increase Fur Growth


Squalene Akg

Squalene AKG, a deep sea derived marine oil, exhibits anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which promotes to improve the immune system of the animal’s skin health. Squalene AKG has an effective and stable antioxidant configuration. Experimental studies shows Squalene AKG enhances the function of macrophages of the animal skin, thus, is suitable to be use as a powerful antioxidant for skin health.

Squalene is a remarkable nutrient produced in mammal’s bodies and is also found in nature. It belongs to a class of antioxidants called isoprenoids. An isoprenoid is a cell-friendly molecule that neutralizes the harmful effects of excessive free radicals in the body.

 squalene dogs cats PETdiatric Laboratories designs Squalene Foamy White shampoo as a nutrition shampoo to provide Squalene nutrient through external application, bathing. Squalene nutrient will be absorbed by the animal skin and coats, providing them the nutrient that they need to flourish its inner beauty. Improves fur growth, reduces fur shedding and improves the white on white. Breakthrough!


 Complete the skin vitamin treatment with Squalene AKG nutraceutical for a significant fur enhancement effect.
squalene akg