Supra Mineral Details

dog03Supra Mineral Contains:

  • All 20 amino acids, providing complete source of protein in an amino acid profile nearly identical to human breast milk
  • Essential fatty acids, including Omega-3, and Omega-6 in an ideal balance
  • Dozens of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • The mental energy activator phenylethylamine (PEA)
  • Powerful antioxidants, such as chlorophyll, superoxide dismutase (SOD), gltathione and phycocyanin


The importance of Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Protein molecules often make up more than half of the physical structure of all cells and tissues. SUPRA mineral contains all the 20 amino acids that is needed by your pet to be healthy. A combination of all the 20 amino acids provide a vital fuel and energy, build and maintain neuropeptides, and help biomodulate emotion and mood swings.


The Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6)

SUPRA Mineral supplies essential fatty acids (EFAs) in all natural vegan form. EFA’s are “good fats” vital to the flexibility and fluidity of all cells. EFA’s play major role in groth and repair of the skin, blood vessels, and nerve tissues. They are needed to build, maintain and repair cell membranes.


SUPRA Mineral total lipid content 4+% (dry weight)

Total Essential Fatty Acids 45%
Omega 3 37%
Omega 6 8%


The Brain Energy - Phenylethylamine (PEA)

PEA, a naturally occurring compound, has been linked to energy, mood and focus. Studies indicate that PEA may work as a neurotransmitter that helps send and receive signals in the brain. PEA is a natural activator present in plants, animals and humans. It exists naturally in animal and is responsible fro emotional experience associated with mental awareness, supports mental energy, mental clarity, concentration and attention,

Supporting documentation on the content of Supra Mineral
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