Squalene AKG 500mg Details

squalene dogPETdiatric Laboratories Squalene AKG main function.

“Cell Protection” - protecting your dog’s and cat’s cells from the disease-causing effects of free radicals. A healthy cell leads to a healthy body. The healthier their cells are, the healthier they are!


squalene catBenefits of PETdiatric Laboratories Squalene AKG:

  1. Improves overall immune system.
  2. Hormone balancing.
  3. Reduces fur shedding.
  4. Improves fur growth (booster).
  5. Detoxifying, rejuvenate and activate skin cells.
  6. For better sking & coat.
  7. Best antioxidant.

dog cat 3Clinical Study Related To Squalene AKG

Squalene – antioxidant of the future.

What is Squalene AKG?

A natural antioxidant

Squalene and its potential