CoQsol-CF® Details

doctor dogAntioxidant protection*

CoQ10 is a versatile antioxidant.* The reduced form of CoQ10, ubiquinol-10, has been found to protect LDL against peroxidation by free radicals more effectively than vitamin E.* CoQ10 stabilizes membranes,* thus protecting them from free radical damage. In addition, studies have shown that CoQ10's potent free radical scavenging properties extend to brain tissue, where CoQ10 may protect neurons from the ravages of oxidative damage. Along with conferring protection to heart and brain tissues, CoQ10 has also been shown to enhance the levels of other antioxidant vitamins in the circulation, such as vitamins, A, C and E.


Benefits to the Gums*

A number of studies have shown that CoQ10 supports repair of gingival (gum) tissue. Gingival tissues in people with periodontal disease have been found deficient in CoQ10. In several doubleblind clinical trials, oral administration of CoQ10 has resulted in significant improvements. CoQ10 - Vitamins E’s Partner In vitro studies suggest CoQ10 in combination with vitamin E protects LDL cholesterol from oxidation more effectively than vitamin E alone. Protecting LDL from being oxidized by free radicals is a major factor in maintaining cardiovascular health.


heartDiverse Clinical Benefits

A number of research studies and clinical reports suggest a broad range of potential benefits from CoQ10 supplementation, stemming from its ability to support the heart and cardiovascular system, the immune system, cellular energy production, liver function, nerves, and muscles.


Recommended Usage of CoQsol-CF®:

  • Periodontal health (gums health)
  • Enhance Immune Response
  • Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Increase Stamina Geriatic Animal

dog cat 6Clinical Studies on the use of CoQsol-CF® on animal:

CoQsol-CF® has better bioavailability

Supplement for the brain

Supplementing Cardiovascular for Dog

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Periodontal Disease